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Frame types
Frame types

HOT or Cold Rolled Steel buildings ?

PRC steel buildings supply both hot rolled and cold rolled steel buildings, below you will find a quick simple explanation of the differences between hot rolled and cold rolled steel building frames

Cold rolled steel frame Building

Cold rolled steel portal frames are a light weight alternative to the traditional RSJ style steel portals we have all become use to seeing in both industrial and agricultural steel buildings. 

What is cold rolled steel then ?

Cold rolled steel sections are formed by rolling the steel from pre hot dipped mild steel BSEN10346:2015, Grade S450 with a Z275 galvanized coating. The material is brought into the factory on large rolls and then feed through forming machines to produce the various sections; C sections, Z purlins and eaves beams.

We utilise C sections with bespoke eaves and ridge brackets to create a steel portal and then attach roof purlins and cladding rails to the portals to create the steel building frame.

The cold rolled frames are more economical on steel usage they are substantially lighter on steel using less tonnage and therefore a cost effective solution for smaller buildings.

The frames are perfect for spans up to 18m and eaves heights of up to around 5m making these buildings ideal for small garages up to small industrial storage units and work shops.

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Frame types
Frame types

Hot rolled portal frames

Since July 2014 structural steel frame manufacturers have been obliged by law to have their design protocol and factory production control procedures assessed by European standard EN 1090. PRC steel buildings only use manufacturers and suppliers who carry the CE Mark for their steel buildings.

Hot rolled sections are  the more traditional method of steel building construction they are manufactured with sections ranging in weight from 13Kg/m up to 388Kg/m depending on its use and location in the steel building frame.

A hot rolled building frame will last a long time between 40 – 60 years. Hot rolled steel buildings are ideally suited for agricultural usage such as grain stores and live stock buildings along with industrial buildings, factory units and heavy engineering.

PRC steel buildings will discuss with you the intended use for your building and help with the selection of steel frame type dependant.

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