Domestic Buildings

PRC steel buildings can provide you with a bespoke building for your needs. We operate throughout Lincolnshire and the UK. We offer the domestic market a range of buildings that can either be built you or by one of our experienced steel erecting Teams.
We offer a range of steel portal framed buildings for domestic, leisure or home business use;
  • Single garage
  • Double garage
  • Small, medium or large storage sheds
  • Home workshops
  • Hobby room
  • Home office
  • Dog grooming parlours
  • Steel framed stable buildings
  • Open barns for storage of equipment, wood stores or additional parking
  • You name it we can build it
We can design a building to fit you needs whether this be a single skin double garage or an insulated office building / garden room why not call us on 01472 289262 to discuss your plans.

Are you planning to extend your house in a contemporary way and bolt on a steel structure ?

We can Design and fabricate all types of steel structures so whether it’s a simple RSJ style lintel for a structural opening or a full steel frame to form a multi storey structure why not talk to a member of our team. Our in house engineers will be able to discuss the structural elements and with the use of our Tekla software will be able to detail and model your building for you and then fabricate the steel on state or the art machinery.
For more information please call 01472 289262