Agricultural Buildings

PRC steel buildings can provide a range of Agricultural steel framed buildings for your Farm.
Our range of buildings include;

  • Grain stores
  • Livestock buildings
  • General farm stores
  • Machinery sheds
  • Straw Barns
  • Hay barns
  • Dutch barns
  • Biomass buildings

Grain stores – protecting your yield

A grain store is one of the biggest investments for your farm. PRC steel buildings can design and build your grain store to your exact specification whether it is a small grain store or a large store PRC have the expertise you require.

We will design your grain store for maximum space and loading capabilities to maximise your grain storage

  •  To help you maintain your grain in prime condition
  •  Install floors that are easy to sweep clean
  •  To double up as a machinery store
  • Help keep vermin and condensation out

We can help to maximise your grain store during the design process

  •  Do you require a drying floor to help maintain the grain
  • What size doors do you require ?
  • Should you have fans in the gable end to help maintain your grain

These are all points we can help with during the design stage of your grain store.


Livestock Buildings – protecting your animals

A new livestock building is a large capital investment. PRC steel buildings can help you along the way from assisting with the planning application to the full design of your new steel building.
Whether you need a new cattle shed to house your cow herd, a steel shed for lambing or a large
portal framed structure for your poultry or pigs we can assist with designing the correct building for your needs;​
We will consider the following in the design

  • How the building will work with your existing yard, how the building will be accessed by farm traffic, loading and unloading animals to market
  • Integration of feeding systems to the new steel building
  • Designed for the welfare of your animals
  • Correct ventilation
  • Meets with regulations for slurry and waste management and insure water and effluent drain correctly

Machinery Storage

Do you require more storage with the farm equipment becoming larger and more expensive protecting this asset is essential.
PRC steel buildings can design a cost effective steel building for storage of your tractors andequipment.
Why not include a workshop within your building for carrying out routine maintenance on your equipment.

Straw / Hay Barns

PRC steel buildings a can create a cost effective Dutch Barn for your storage needs. We can create a Hay or straw barn to meet with your needs taking into consideration the size and shape of your
It may be that you require and open structure on the back of a grain store or a machinery shed PRC steel buildings are here to help
Call to arrange 01472 289262 to arrange a meeting to discuss your proposed Barn